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Written by CJ   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 16:22

Opel Olympia Rekord 1957

Opel Olympia Rekord 1957

I always confuesd the Opel models : Olympia with Rekord. Well, with this ugly Opel I don't have this problem ! It has both names !!!

Opel Olympia Rekord (1953–57)

1955 Opel Rekord Cabriocoach
Opel Olympia Rekord (1957 model)

The Opel Olympia Rekord was introduced in March 1953 as successor to the Opel Olympia, a pre-World War II design dating back to 1935. The Opel Olympia Rekord was built until 1957 in four different versions. Around 580,000 units were produced.

  • 1953/54: 1488 cc, 40 hp (DIN). Available as two-door saloon, cabriolet and estate (Caravan). Price in Germany: DM 6,410 to 6,710. 136,028 units made.
  • 1955: 1488 cc, 40 hp (DIN). Mild facelift, comprising larger rear window, new grill insert. New base model called simply Olympia; a van based on the saloon introduced as the "delivery" variant. Price in Germany: DM 5,850 to 6,710. 131,586 units made.
  • 1956: 1488 cc, 45 hp (DIN). New grill insert, bumpers now without guards. Price in Germany: DM 5,410 to 6,560. 144,587 units made.
  • 1957: 1488 cc, 45 hp (DIN). New grill insert again, flatter roof, chrome strips along belt line. The cabriolet was no longer part of the line. Prices in Germany: DM 5,510 to 6,560. 169,721 units made.


Opel Olympia Rekord 1957

General data:

  • Wheelbase 97.9 in (2,487 mm)
  • Length 166.9 in (4,239 mm)
  • Width 64 in (1,626 mm)
  • Height 61 in (1,549 mm)
  • Kerb weight 2,020 lb (920 kg)-2,200 lb (1,000 kg)
  • Top speed approximately 75 mph (121 km/h)


Opel Olympia Rekord 1957


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+1 #2 CJ 2010-09-18 11:18
The president of the museum, Handyman, taught me to appreciate the beauty out of the ugliness of the 50's models which by definition have a terrible design ! There are certainly some superb designs during this decade like the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, the 1955 Citroen DS19, the 1959 Morris Mini etc.
0 #1 conman 2010-09-17 19:29
"Well, with this ugly Opel I don't have this problem"

This is not ugly! I think it is not only beautiful, but also a very robust car. I'm sure that one could still use it everyday today!

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